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  • A Life List of Experience. Private Jet Travel .. Seriously, it is worth its value!

    Day 2 – Time to #DreamBIGJourneys and go #aroundtheworld by #privatejet with @TCSprivatejet.


    When I think of private jet, sure I think of comfort and luxury but as a luxury travel advisor,  what I also think of is the extreme convenience. These days the commercial airlines are just so stressful to deal with. Advisors and Clients are both taking the beating. Delays, equipment failures, strikes, lost baggage, missed connections, etc. etc. How would you like to experience expedited airport security service where possible? Fly into smaller less congested airports and terminals? Travel on guaranteed aircraft equipment such as a custom designed 757 jet? (Equipment changes happen often with commercial) Have continuous VIP luggage service? Never carry your bags!  WOW, and fly NONSTOP everywhere? No missed or stressful connections. And in the event of inclement weather, airport strikes or whatever, you have the flexibility and freedom to adjust routing or get the heck out of there. There are also no flights at night. All daytime travel and they always tend to go WEST as it gives you extra hours. :o)


    Ok, so we know what the private jet can do for us. What is the experience like on board? Despite it being a full 5 star experience with relax time, the experience is customized to whatever your needs are with food, drink.. you name it! There is a chef on board with all flights! There is actually a licensed physician that travels on board with you all for the entire duration of the trip. This medical program is actually overseen by the Harvard School of Medicine. The TCS and Four Seasons Jets seats decline to 180 degrees which basically also gives you about 6.5 feet full recline …WITH a privacy screen. It also encompasses ipad storage area with complete power station so you can stay connected.. since you are able to keep your items on the plane if you do not want to take them with you to the hotel. This 2x2 configuration plane typically has about 52 seats and again, is more for the TCS Journeys and the Four Seasons Private Jet itineraries.


    So let’s say you want to consider the National Geographic type expeditions. These aircrafts seat more around 80 passengers. They are reclining business class seats! These planes definitely go to more of the remote locations where you will experience adventure and iconic sites. In your value filled package price you experience exclusive ICONIC excursions with guides included. A lecturer and photographer accompany the trip. The seats typically decline to about 45 degrees with typical in seat power outlets and USB ports. These are BUSIER itineraries with a focus on photography and encounters. So if you are a spa and shopping fanatic, perhaps this experience is not for you.  


    A few things more… With TCS World Travel . For example, before the trip, I  will work directly with the full sales team on your package. There will be a dedicated guest services manager that will meet you at the departure city! ( meet and greet, answer questions, get to know ya! )  You will receive an Ipad loaded with intensive content about your upcoming adventure, luggage, backpack, flashlight, bug spray, and much more.. There are no kids under 12 on the journeys as well.


    A great resource to learn more about this experience Go Inside Our New Jet 2016


    Please contact me, Julie Chaump, your private jet experience specialist! or 214-342-9045  @strongtravel #travelvacations


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