Private Jet Trips- Around the World Journeys. These are quite possibly the newest demand in the extreme luxury travel market.

There are quite a few angles to this experience that we often feel it’s important to discuss. When you understand these aspects, you will see the absolute value in these bucket list or a life list of experiences. 

As a travel advisor for over 23 years, the commercial airline industry has changed so much. Personally, in my opinion, it has gotten more complicated than ever to travel on a commercial airline.  We constantly deal with delays, price changing, excessive add on fees, lost baggage, equipment changes, cancellations, weather, STRIKES, stranded passengers. One day, I felt I had HAD enough and began to really specialize and learn all about the private jet experience and the differences between them. I have learned a lot as well from my valuable clients when they have returned. Private Jet Journeys have a high repeat rate. 

Some people ask, how is this considered private when you travel with typically 18-82 passengers?  Well it is private in the sense that it is NOT a commercial airline. These are generally trips that last about 20-40 days so many clients prefer traveling with like minded travelers and sharing in their excitement and unique experiences. 

The Jet Experience 

Most of these jets are re-designed 757’s usually with custom Italian leather and offer business class style seating. Each private jet is different, so in general, the 757’s originally held roughly 230 seats so they take seats out to make them about 18 -82 depending on the company. You will fly NONSTOP, BUSINESS CLASS everywhere. In Asia, that is next to impossible without a connection. Almost all flights are about 3-6 hours in the morning so you experience the cities and luxury hotels in the afternoons and evening. This alone is tremendous.

You never have to handle your bags between hotels and airports, they handle ALL your baggage with gratuities included. Another beauty is they handle all your forms with Customs & Immigrations so with that being said, you can just sign the papers, and they handle everything. No waiting in lines!  What if a strike broke out by an airline while you are in a foreign country? Your pilot travels with you.. so you can just hop on your jet and leave. You do not have to get caught in the middle of that commercial airline drama in a foreign  country.

What if you fall sick? With TCS for example, a physician travels on board with you throughout the entire journey. This physician is actually overseen by the Harvard School of Medicine! Most companies do have a medical professional travel on these trips. With National Geographic, a photographer and lecturer travels with you bringing to you the most intimate experience of where you are traveling. Again, each is different so it is important for us to qualify you to make the right fit. Another great aspect is that, when applicable, you can fly into much smaller more intimate airports rather than the large overcrowded commercial ones.

On the plane, you have a chef that will prepare a country inspired culinary experience as well. Are you a foodie, Consider the Four Seasons private jet itineraries!

The Land Experience

Probably the main aspect that sells these type trips would be the unique iconic experiences within the countries. The experiences greatly vary between private jet companies and the countries they visit. However, one common thing is that they are a life list of exclusive, educational, and iconic experiences. Generally, these experiences are not made accessible to the general tourist population. Some itineraries are themed, culinary, golf, photography, safari, or country specific.

You will have the choice in choosing if you want to experience a full day or half day tours while in the cities. These are included in your cost. You will have themed / arranged dinners at your hotel or within the city; these are also included in your cost. What would not be included is generally spa treatments or golf etc but can be arranged. If Suites are important to you only, these can be arranged for an additional cost with all private jet companies. However, Lakani, only offers all suites and smaller groups roughly around 18 passengers. 

Please contact me for more information so we can discuss your future around the world trip. What we would need to know first, is what do you envision and want to experience, We will walk you through the rest!  These itineraries are well received by couples, but also small groups whether multi generational.

Wine/Cheese Private Jet Night

We often hold wine/cheese informational nights for clients and friends in regard to these private jet experiences. Let us know if you are in the Dallas area and would like to open your home and invite friends and family, we will do the rest!  

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