Travel Vacations Payment Plan

Travel Vacations prides itself on its easy flexible payment plans on select all inclusive packages, honeymoons, cruises, groups, destination weddings, family all inclusive vacations,  escorted tours, and much more!

What you will find is that you are able to place deposits from as low as $150.00 per person and then pay your balance anywhere from 75-30 days prior to departure. Generally, cruises require 75 days prior while your typical all inclusive package is about 30 days prior to departure. In order to receive the payment plan on all inclusive packages in the Caribbean and Mexico, it must either be hotel only or air and hotel, plus any applicable tickets, optional tours, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot provide payment plans if you are purchasing airfare only. Most of our escorted tours to Europe, Asia, Canada, South Pacific, South and Central America, United Kingdom, Scotland and more, those generally have to be paid in full about 45 days.

Some airfares will require full payment at time of hotel deposit. Most of the time, these rules apply to flights with JetBlue, Air Trans, Lufthansa. However, the airlines we mostly get the best rates and lowest deposits on would be US Air, Delta, & United Airlines. American Airlines we generally have negotiated rates that allow deposits, or the standard public rates a consumer would see.

Travel Vacations taps directly into the Global Distribution System for ALL airlines in the world and sees ALL schedules and fares. We are able to issue just about any airline ticket possible at current or negotiated rates.  If you are wanting to purchase airline tickets exclusively, a $25.00 service fee per ticket will apply for us to issue your ticket.

Some hotels , if we book directly, has somewhat of a payment plan. They will only require a credit card to guarantee the room and then you are able to pay your balance when you arrive. Sometimes, this is a good choice if you are just purchasing hotel only. However, if you still need airfare, its best to purchase a wholesale travel package that includes airfare in order to get a payment plan.

 What is the process with the payment plan?

  1. Once we have discussed the details of the trip you wish to book, please  Submit Booking Form we always default to offer a payment plan. No fees to do so.
  2. Once we receive the booking form, a courtesy hold on your reservation will be made. This will be sent to you via email to approve in writing. Cancellation policies will be advised at that time. Payment plan terms, deposit amounts and dates will be advised at this time as well.  There is NO obligation to this courtesy hold. If you choose not to deposit by the deadline, it will cancel out.
  3. Once you approve, you may  Pay Securely online. This must be done within our travel agency normal working hours so we may process by the deadline set by the tour operator, cruise line, or wholesaler.
  4. With the payment plan, you may make additional payments any time in between your deposit and final payment date.
  5. Balance due date is pretty strict. Some tour operators auto cancel trips out if they are not paid in full by date and time required.
  6. Should you not be able to pay the balance on time, for a service fee, we will guarantee the balance for you and arrange a new final payment date. The service fee is based on amount unpaid and amount of time needed to pay balance. Please ask your travel agent.
  7. SO you are paid in full!  Then your travel documents are generally emailed to you up to 2 weeks prior to departure. Some tour operators and cruise lines still mail out travel documents. These will be shipped to you via USPS priority mail.
  8. Then  before you are Ready to depart….Visit Travel Resources

So just to recap in short Payment Plan Typical Terms :

•Deposits $150.00 per person on up. Generally, non refundable & non transferable.
•Balance on trip must be paid in full from 30-75 days prior to departure. Depends on product purchased
•Some airlines do not allow for payment plans, i.e. Jet Blue, Air Trans, some American flights. Therefore, even though your hotel may allow for it, your airfare may have to be paid in full to guarantee the rate at time of hotel deposit.
•Las Vegas payment plans will require a service charge due to their price point
AIR ONLY purchased will not qualify for a payment plan.
•Additional payments of up to 1 per month will be allowed and are submitted via our secure website.

For more information, please submit your rate inquiry for more details. Or Call 800-861-5111

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