Travel Vacations, an independent affiliate of Strong Travel Services, is a proud member of the luxury travel network, Virtuoso. Virtuoso is highly respected, invitation only, network of luxury suppliers. The value of this network is unlike any other in the industry. Through its strong partnerships, we are able to position you as VIP, save you time and money, help when things go wrong such as flight delays, weather etc. We can offer you perks such as complimentary breakfast at partnering hotels, negotiated rates, upgrade your rooms, offer resort credits and/or high speed internet etc! Just depends on your hotel and what is available.  Point of Contacts, we have them!  Worldwide from New York to Zambia!

Just remember, a computer is connected to a plug and we are connected to the hotels, cruise lines, airlines and more. It takes a lot of time on our part and utilizing our connections to bring you these offers and build a truly custom unique package you desire.

Step 1: Before we begin working on your package, we offer a 30 minute on average consultation. Let me know what you envision and what you want to experience. Is it gorilla trekking in Uganda? Did you want to cage dive with sharks in Australia? Or did you want to stay in an overwater bungalow in Tahiti? Or perhaps you want to do a life list of experiences, consider a private jet journey around the world. We work with key people “on the ground” in your destination to bring you the best in local experience, tours, prime locations, sold out shows,  added values and more. We understand the value of time and with our over 20 years experience, we will save you time! We work with a team of experts so if we haven’t been there personally, someone on our team has.

Step 2: Just like you would pay a fee to your trusted physicians, lawyers, and tax advisors for their expertise, luxury travel advisors are the same way. The planning fee investments start at $150 on up depending on the extent of the itinerary we design for you. We take great pride in who we know and are enthusiastic to bring that experience to your trip!  

Step 3: We get to work! The “We” will be our connections in the airlines, hotels, concierge, cruise lines and managers…all working together to bring you the most accurate depiction of your dream journey with the most value added amenities we can include.

Step 4:If you want to move forward, wonderful!  It’s ready for you to lock in with payment!  We have a secure portal online where you can post your payments by deadline.

Step 5: Receive those travel docs, get packing and go!!!!! 

We provide many travel tips as well, resourceful links prior to departure! 

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